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The ubicom-framebuf project aims to provide a set of small, reliable, high performance, libraries for manipulating and rendering frame buffers on Ubicom Internet Processor platforms:

Latest News

2002-07-30: v0.1.2 is now ready for downloads. The fixes a number of performance issues and adds support for 1 bpp frame buffers (thus allowing larger displays to be used but for relatively little SRAM usage).

2002-07-20: Having thought I'd worked around the problems it would appear that the v0.1.1 release triggers a bug in the compiler shipped with the 4.1.2B SDK. A bug fix for the compiler (and also for the 4.0 SDK release) is now available from the Ubicom support portal.

2002-07-18: v0.1.1 is now available for downloads. This now features quite a few cleaned up interfaces, support for keyboard events, and a demonstration of rendering proportionally spaced font data onto the frame buffer.

2002-07-11: The project has just started. An initial snapshot v0.1.0 has been posted for downloads although it is a long way from where it is planned to be!

Current Status

The software is currently undergoing initial development. Hosted on an IP2022 dev board it is now possible to access a shared framebuffer from both Linux and MS Windows VNC viewers. The software is in a considerable state of flux and is likely to change very considerably during the next few weeks and months.


The software is released under a BSD (Berkeley) style of license to enable it to be used freely within any style of application and to avoid any possible licensing conflicts with the Ubicom SDK license.

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Nothing yet, but look back soon. There should be an FAQ here as soon as anyone starts asking questions and some design docs will go online as soon as things start to stabilize a little.

File Releases

2002-07-30: v0.1.2

2002-07-18: v0.1.1

2002-07-11: v0.1.0

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Mailing Lists

There are two mailing lists currently active for this project. The first, ubicom-framebuf-announce, provides details of anything new or particularly important. The second, ubicom-framebuf-devel, is an unmoderated forum for discussing anything relating to the development of the framebuffer code or applications using it.

Anyone interested in this project should consider joining either or both of these lists. There are a lot of possibilities for how the software may develop and the main source of feedback is currently the ubicom-framebuf-devel list.

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The SourceForge Project Site

The sourceforge project page contains the latest project status, released files and details of support (e.g. mailing lists).

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